Playing Pokemon Online with friends

It’s been a long time since I’ve played Pokemon. Over the years I totally forgot my past enjoyment of playing the Pokemon Trading Card Game with all of my friends. But over the years I forgot about Pokemon and my past commitment to the card game. Recently I was browsing a local store and noticed the Pokemon cards as well as them having a way to play Pokemon online with the Pokemon Trading Card Game. I knew with my limited time if I could play Pokemon online I could get back into the game. So I checked online to see what it was like. And so far it’s been pretty amazing. When you buy booster packs and theme decks you get a claimed code that allows you to claim them online. I sent out an email to my friends and even some of my old playing buddies have started to play with me.

The real interesting thing about playing Pokemon online using the online trading card game is that there’s an interactive tutorial that teaches you about the Pokemon cards and also how to play the game which is great for new players. Honestly because I’m a returning player I found it to be a great refresher to go through the Pokemon tutorial before starting to play again. A lot of the rules have changed since I last played. The tutorial for Pokemon starts with basic skills and then goes into intermediate and advanced skills allowing you to learn not only the basic’s but some of the more advanced parts of the game.  The other nice thing about the tutorial is that it is interactive making you make decisions that best fits the question and it also explains with voice so that you don’t get bored reading wall text’s while learning the game.

You do however have to download the application to get the Pokemon Trading Card Game working on your computer so if you do not want to install it on your computer you might not want to play the online Pokemon game. They give you a basic deck to start out with unfortunately unless you buy more decks there is no way to obtain them. The Pokemon codes which come with these decks are a one time use only so you also cannot share them with friends and use them more than once. The same goes for the codes which come with Pokemon card booster packs.

Once your into the game you can redeem your codes and start modifying decks in order to play. The matching system is based on what you select so you do not have to worry about being put up against really hard users when you are a just starting. And matching is automatic which makes it very easy to use. They have a shop to buy booster packs for the online game as well as a section to make friends and talk to other players. They have a way you can trade cards too. It’s similar to a mmorpg interface at least as far as chatting goes the actual play is a 1 verses 1 style tournament.